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Study day on ‘immigration archives’ (in French)

54Title: Study day on ‘immigration archives’ (in French)

Description: I missed this study day but it’s interesting to note what’s going on in France. The terminology is particularly interesting. Rather than ‘community archives’ in France the focus is on ‘immigration archives’ i.e. archives that document the arrival and subsequent history in France of different communities. What would the consequences be if we applied this terminology in the UK? The problem of course is that it risks defining members of diverse communities permanently as ‘immigrants’ i.e. perpetual outsiders. It creates difficulties in talking about populations who held the nationality of the host nation at the time of their arrival, e.g. migrants from the Caribbean. What would the impact be on visual and performing arts archives? read more

New book on identity

22459_9781412922432I’ve just seen this new reader advertised:

The list of contributors is impressive and I’d be particularly interested to read Jessica Evans’ chapter ‘Cathected Identities: Governance and Community Activism’. There does appear to be a strong Freudian dimension to the analysis, which is also interesting, and perhaps reflects the authors’ background in cultural studies.


Catching History on the Wing: conference and book launch

Title: Catching History on the Wing
Description: A conference on the fight against racism – past and future – to mark 50 years of the Institute of Race Relations.

Speakers include:

* Welcome address – Lord Herman Ouseley
* Screening of Colin Prescod’s remastered film From you were Black, you were out on Notting Hill in the 1950s and \’60s
* Launch of Catching History on the Wing [Pluto Press], a new collection of A. Sivanandan’s writings, chair Lee Bridges
* Panel discussion on Islamophobia and Civil Society with Ruqayyah Collector, David Edgar, Liz Fekete, Arun Kundnani and Salma Yaqoob
* Closing remarks Victoria Brittain and A. Sivanandan read more