21st Century Love


Overtime, dating has evolved quite fast and no one so it coming. People this days date online. The online dating platform has grown to be unimaginably huge that it has left researchers baffled.

Here are some facts about modern dating that may catch you by surprise

In 2010, dating websites such as eHarmony were crowded with people looking for dates. Back then, you would have thought that they were just intrigued by the fact that you can meet people online. Fast forward this to a year later when mobile applications had started taking root. People move and signed up for mobile dating apps that the number overtook those using websites.

More than half of those looking for advice on dating turn to the internet rather than consulting close friends. This can be attributed to the fact that it is easier to find support and connection on mobile apps than to find physically. The response is also instantaneous when using applications. You do not have to wait till morning to get advice from a friend.

Most users of dating apps and websites averages between ages 25 to 34. One may have thought that the apps are flooded by 17 year old teens looking to have fun. The number of people below 18 is too small and the reason to this may be that dating applications require one to be over 18.

Reasons as to why people prefer online dating

The platform provides a large audience from which people can pick a potential date. This makes it possible for people to find their idealistic date since all sorts of people are using dating applications. This contrasts to physical meetings where one is limited to the peoples around him/her each day.

It is easier to find one’s match online. This may be because the applications have algorithms behind them that allow one to specify what they are looking for and find probable suitors. This, together with the vast number of people in the online dating world, only work to benefit the people.

Some of the downsides of online dating

People may pretend and lie about who they are. For example one may upload a picture of him/her that looks overly cute but then the person is not that cute. This is mostly the case with women and old people who want to look younger.

Most people have turned to open relationships that last only a few days. Modern dating, as most people argue, has made love lose its magic. People do not want to form permanent relationships anymore as they can easily meet better catches on the internet hence they leave their options open.

To maintain a relationship that was built online may be difficult as people may tend to find irritating habits in their partners that they were not aware of before such as snoring.

21st century dating has made it easy for researchers and analysts to collect and scrutinize data. This is because everything is available online. Telling the population of gay men and women, bisexuals and even the percentage population of people looking for mates at a go has been made a bit easier.

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