Facts About Marriage Today


Marriage is still a valued institution in contemporary times. While marriage might not be for everyone it still remains a critical component of social stability, relational commitment and family strength. Here are some facts about marriage that will help to explain how people view marriage in modern times.

1. Many married couples spend less than four minutes a day together. This is because a lot of their time is divided between their children, jobs, school and outside responsibilities. The average family (married couple) is extremely busy and they are constantly on the go. Moms and dads usually do not have a lot of time during the week to spend with one another unless they make time.

2. People under the age of 25 are more prone to divorce. Women who marry younger men are prone to divorce as well. Younger people are normally not ready to marry though it might be a good idea. Society is not geared toward younger people getting married. Young adults are not as socially mature in terms of their roles within society and they are not as financially stable. Older women who marry a younger man are usually not compatible with their mates over time.

3. If a person marries someone from an affair, there is a 75% chance that their relationship will end in divorce. When a person is not faithful to their spouse and they leave them for another person; chances are that some person will not be faithful to them. More importantly, they will more than likely leave because their relationship was not formed on a solid foundation.

4. Marriage hardship causes many businesses to lose income because of the loss productivity. When married people are on the job their personal problems do affect their performance and cause them to stop being effective on the job.

5. Marriage still promotes life satisfaction despite how many people have a negative attitude about it. Marriage is a great thing despite the sex, money or children.

6. Marriage offers people love, romance, friendship and a whole lot more. Well at least a marriage should. Even in this day and time people still value marriages with their spouses for these reasons.

7. If you are not happy before you get married chances are you will not be after you get married. If you are not happy before you get married, then this attitude will carry over. Many people inside of a marriage like to blame their spouses for having a bad union. The reality is that they bring their own problems to the marriage.

8. At least 40% of all marriages has one spouse in it that has been married before. Many people divorce and remarry just to divorce again. If a person does not fix what was wrong in their first marriage, chances are they will bring the same issues to their second one.

9. The average marriage couple has sex at least twice a week. Many married people have lots of sex and it is a good thing. Sex without guilt or problems is a great thing and marriage normally offers this type of benefit to participants.

10. Marriage still remains one of the best options in life and though this institution has been drastically changed it still is important for many people.

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